Monday, August 8, 2011

Somalia charity challenge

My Somalia charity challenge to readers.

As you might have heard, western economies are hurting. One predictable consequence is the reduction of public and private giving for global health and development. People as different as Paul Farmer, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush agree on one thing: We can’t take our eye off the ball in helping people around the world who struggle for basic nutrition, economic necessities, and public health.
I don’t know how many readers follow Mark Goldberg’s terrific stuff at UN Dispatch. If you don’t, you should.  

The situation in Somalia right now, for example, is pretty dire. Now refugees face a measles epidemic, as well.

I therefore issue this challenge. If you are an author and you contribute to the United Nations FoundationDoctors without BordersUNICEF, or the International Rescue Committee, I will buy a fresh new copy of your book. This offer holds even if I already own your book, and even if the book is poorly written. And if you are too lazy to have written a book, I will buy one of my choosing and send it to the address of your choosing. You know where to find me….

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